Ravel Therapy believes that everyone intrinsically has the knowledge and skills to be well. But sometimes, the peaks and valleys of life can create patterns and behaviours that draw us away from our inherent strengths.

We value guiding you towards reconnecting with your unique abilities. Be curious as you navigate self-discovery through conversation and learning. Together, we can support you to make peace with your past, delight in your present and curate your future. 

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I am a registered social worker with a Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto, specializing in work with individuals who have experienced trauma. I was drawn to the field by my own experiences with social workers during my youth, so this work is deeply personal.

As your therapist, I value providing a non-judgmental space that brings structure and insight while you reflect, explore, and grow. You are the expert of you. It is my intention to guide you in building the skills you desire to continue navigating whatever comes your way.

Outside of work, I love baking, pottery, and painting.

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When I got help and talked about my problems is when I started becoming a humble man. Getting help was the best thing I ever did! You can’t help others if you’re not strong in the heart and head. I call it the cowboy way. For me, it’s not only about being tough, strong and fearless, it’s mostly about being humble and helping those in need! And how can you be humble and helpful if you’re not ok! 

- JM

You can’t help others if you’re not strong in the heart and head.
I call it the cowboy way.

As someone who has experienced tremendous trauma in her life—both in childhood and adulthood—which has resulted in depression and at times, debilitating anxiety, therapy has equipped me with the tools, and helped me to unpack, explore, process, heal, and apply these learnings in my every day life. Therapy has helped me evolve from someone who was once afraid of her own shadow, to someone who is proud and grounded in who she is. 

- AP

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without adopting therapy as part of my self-care practice. 


We know talking to a new (and random) person can feel weird. But even if you have general questions about how therapy works, before you commit to therapy -- we’re here for it! That’s why we offer free 20-minute consultations.

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